Issue Two is here!

We are so excited to have art by Nataly Kim for this edition. Nataly is a Toronto-based illustrator and surface pattern designer who takes inspiration from everyday surroundings. Her work is full of personality and charm, and we are especially taken with the image of togetherness that graces the cover.Nataly Kim Illustration

Inside the issue are seven short stories that we think you’ll love. Without giving too much away, among the pages you’ll find:

  • “Oh How We Miss You, How About Joining Us,” an atmospheric meditation on longing and loss by Anne Baldo (whose collection of short stories is forthcoming from Porcupine’s Quill)
  • a troop of karaoke-loving hockey players in Halliday Reynolds’ surreal tale that is at once otherworldly and quintessentially Ontario
  • “Pop & Freedom,” a vivid, gripping new story by Douglas W. Milliken, author of White Horses, Our Shadows’ Voice, and Blue of the World
  • skating rinks and tiki bar drinks in Adam Ells’ “Palm Trees in Prince George”
  • possibilities vs. probabilities explored with great devotion by the narrator of Jade Wallace’s “Forecasting”
  • Megan Butcher’s “Lenticel,” a story that wanders dreamily over the blurry line between the visible and the invisible, between observer and observed
  • and finally, a desert island story by Emmett Schlenz that is dark and funny and ultimately – dare we say it – hopeful?

Get your copy of Issue Two here.

Hermine endpapers

Hermine Annual Short Stories