As we put the finishing touches on Issue Two of Hermine, one thing is clear: we need to make some room on our shelves! To that end, we’re temporarily offering copies of Issue One for the amazing price of just $12 (and that’s in Canadian dollars so, an extra big bargain for some).

Hermine Annual Issue 1

What’s inside, you ask? How about:

Mehdi M. Kashani’s story “While Tehran Was Silent,” a finalist in this year’s Canadian National Magazine Awards, Fiction category.

A story by Lituo Huang that is “so good, reading it feels a little claustrophobic, like being trapped inside someone else’s skin.” ~ Stacked Magazines

Chris Kuriata’s beautiful “The Digging Women,” which follows a determined group through a haunting landscape, and is a tale of persistence in itself. (Read Kuriata’s essay on this particular story’s journey here.)

“Keeper of the Ghost Squid” by Wendy Nikel, a perfect little gem of a monster story with a great pace and also a sweet potbelly pig named Lou.

Apocalypse as a melancholy but charming dreamscape in “A Children’s Treasury of Windows and Doors,” this longer story by Christi Nogle is one to really settle in with.

And “The Animal Heart” by American novelist Alison Stine, whose timely thriller Road Out of Winter has the same kind of clear-eyed storytelling and crisp, vivid prose. (Her next book, Trashlands, is out this fall.)

Get Issue 1 now.

Hermine Annual Cover